Monday, February 8, 2010

What I KNOW....

Nothing pisses me off than when someone leaves less than a mugs worth of coffee in the communal coffee pot in the office kitchen.

Equally irritating, is when someone leaves something in the microwave and it beeps every 3 minutes until said person returns to collect their food or drink.

and while we are on office many times can the same play be Monday morning quarterbacked? Really? 3 different, overly loud conversations about the same play is a little ridiculous

The person behind me this morning on the way to work - did you think my trunk was sexy? Because I was going to give you a birds eye view, but I was already running late and I just didn't have time to exchange insurance information with you after I caused you to rear end me

Sometimes my mother forgets that I am Madaline's mother. I made her sit on the naughty step for a reason. You undermine my parenting when you pick her up from said step because you can't stand the sad teary eyed look on her face.

People that leave cryptic status updates on Facebook - "We shouldn't have done that" or "Perhaps YOU should tell them" or "Something happened today that is going to change my life forever - in a bad way". If you can post a cryptic status update about it - then for God's sake, just tell us the whole story.

I think its rude to use speakerphone - for all your phone conversations. The delay in the conversion is annoying and really how hard is it to pick up the hand set? Really....

I have almost 300 followers on twitter, of which only 7 of them communicate with me on a regular basis. What's the point?

I lost a follower last week on my main blog - I took it as an indication that said follower thought my content/writing sucks.

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